Since May 18, 2015 fire, Grace has been busy studying the Bible and ourselves, all with the goal of determining what God wants us to be and do. The result was a confirmation of our Mission (the Great Commission) and our new Visions of how we go about the Mission He has given us. As you can well imagine, this has taken a great deal of looking at ourselves. The Mission and new Visions, the result of our congregationís prayer and discussion, can be found elsewhere on this website; see the front page menu. At a lower level, we are coming up with ways to put 'feet' to the Visions. Part of the 'feet' is what our new facility will be.

Grace has contracted with an architectural/engineering company to design and build a new facility. This is in the early stages. Below are concepts that are the latest thinking of the Grace Build Team. The Team appreciates your interest, views, and commentary on what you see here. It would be most valuable if you put your thoughts on paper or in email (preferred) and pass them along to the or to Grace Lutheran Church, 709 Main St, Vestal, NY 13850, Attention: Build Team.

It's important to understand that no decisions have been made by the congregation on the material below. With God's sure guidance, we will - in His time - select one of these or perhaps another to be developed into the new facilities of Grace Church.

If you are interested in views of the 'old' Grace, go to the Pictures entry on the front page menu. But do understand we are NOT trying to build what we had before. New times, new circumstances, new context, new opportunities. But the same love of God.

The architect has given us these three different concepts. These are concepts, and many details have yet to be worked out. [Editor: I have removed Concept A and C, to save space on this page.]

The drawings below were the original concepts from the architect. Working with the selected contractor, changes have been made but the concept remains the same. Sometime later, the revised pictures will replace those below.






When the three concept drawings were shown to the congregation, Concept B received near unanimous acceptance over the A and C concepts. The Build Team solicited comments on all the concepts from all the congregation; most were things like "the kitchen is too small". After Build Team consolidation and consideration, these were passed to the architect for modification of Concept B. He has now provided new drawings for our consideration. These are below. We will continue this revision cycle until the congregation is satisfied that the facility will be to the glory of God and usable for Grace in fulfillment of our Mission and Visions which can be found at the 'Missions and Vision' link in the main menu.

We ask your prayers as we continue.