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Why  the most important page?

Pascal once said every person has a God-shaped hole inside, just waiting to be filled. God is waiting for you to invite Him to fill that hole. DO IT NOW! He's waiting and watching for you.

The aim of this website, and our constant prayer, is that you welcome Jesus Christ into your life, realizing who He is and why He came. 

We are all trying to live as best we can. But we don't measure up to God's standards, we know it, you know it. We need to be rescued from the death penalty for making a real mess of our life, for our sins. We can't rescue ourselves, but need someone who saves us from our deadly situation. Each of us needs to welcome Jesus into our life. We need to turn our back on living "my way" to living "God's way". The only way!

We are not trying to get you to join Grace Lutheran Church. Sure, we'd like to have you worship with us as a visitor or member. But your relationship with Jesus Christ is what's really important. to you and to us. To God. Important for all eternity.

We all have a gift in this rescuer, this Savior, this Jesus. What gift? We get to spend eternity with Him in heaven, in His very presence. And it doesn't cost us anything -- it's totally free! Yes, it cost God, but He willingly paid the cost, because He loves us. God loves you YOU! Hard to believe He could love you? Yup, but it's true!

If we don't accept Jesus rescue of us, if we turn our back on Him, we will spend eternity apart from God. And they don't call this HELL for nothing!

Because He loved us, we love Him. And we, in thankfulness for His salvation, love others. We try hard to do what He tells us to do - show His love to all people.

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Lutheran beliefs, in short:

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If you'd like to go into Lutheran beliefs and theology in almost overwhelming detail, click here to go to Project Wittenberg. PW has a huge collection of Lutheran documents, and links to other Christian resources.