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Grace has many people serving God, doing many things for many people. Most work without 'official' blessing. All work because of His love. Here are some of our people for 2012:

Pastor Rev. Dr. Larry F. Hendricks Congregation Chairman Gary Kratochvil
Head Elder Don Sutherland Head Trustee Ken Elliott
Church Office Secretary Anita Matich Congregation Secretary Ruth Mueller
Choir Director Jean Henssler Worship Chair Jackie Kratochvil
Gloria Solack
Head PreSchool Teacher   Education Chair Scott Martens
Treasurer JoAnn Walz Financial Secretary Trish Stange
Evangelism Chair All of us! Social Ministry Chair Nancy Warner
Stewardship Chair Barry Warmer Youth Chair Nate Walz
Organist Jean Henssler Sunday School Superintendent    Bonnie Shook
    Webservamt Charlie Zingerline