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Jesus said "Let the little children come unto me."

For over 30 years, we have served the needs of the preschool children of Vestal and surrounding areas.

Our purposes:

  1. To allow the child to absorb Christian concepts though prayer, Bible stories, and the environment.
  2. To help the child develop a positive self-image and practice social skills.
  3. To increase awareness of the world.
  4. To provide the opportunity to express one's feelings.
  5. To provide a stimulating learning atmosphere through structure and open classroom activities.

We focus on:

  1. Christian morals and values
  2. Kindergarten readiness
  3. Building self-esteem
  4. Developing a love of learning
  5. Age-appropriate experiences
  6. Parental involvement
  7. Fun!

We offer four options:

Class Days Hours (AM) $/mo. Note
Two's Time Wednesday 9:30-11:00 30  
2-Day Tuesday &  Thursday 9:15-11:30 90  
3-Day Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:15-11:45 110  

Our school year runs from September through May. Generally, the Preschool follows the Vestal Central School District calendar for vacations, holidays and snow days.

The registration fee is $25 plus 1/2 of September's tuition and is due at time of application. This is not refundable.

Class offerings and costs and do change periodically, so call the number below for the current ones. (Costs above as of March 2016)

We are a non-profit preschool. We admit students any children, and do not discriminate on the basis of, race, color, national and ethnic origin.

As a Christian school, we say prayers before snack and when we leave at the end of the morning. Each child will have the opportunity to observe the wonders of God's creation and His great love in sending Jesus Christ as our Savior.

For more information or to register, call (607) 748-0840 before noon Monday through Friday.


The school has been displaced because of the destruction of our facility. Currently, we are meeting at the Union Presbyterian Church facilities on Main Street in Endicott. The new Grace facility will have accommodation for the PreSchool. As you can imagine, things are not 'business as usual'. Call the number above to get the current status. Regardless of the fire, the PreSchool continues to show love to the kids.

Click here to get a PDF application you can print and send in.

Want to get a flavor of the classes? Each of the two classes occasionally puts out a newsletter. You can look at a 2006 sample of them below. Note: the 5-day class is no longer offered.

3-day Class September Newsletter

With 2 days of preschool under our belts, I am happy to say that things are going very well!  The children are working hard on learning their new friend’s names, getting familiar with their new surroundings, and adjusting to our classroom rules and schedule.

Last week, we worked on decorating our 2 bulletin boards.  Each child made a fish for our “Swimming Into Preschool” board.  The students picked their favorite color paint, and went to work on creating a beautiful sea of color.   Our “Jesus Loves Me!” board has also been decorated by your children.  Each child has two red handprints hanging under this title.  We talked about how God made us all different (and what a good thing that is!).  We talked about how Jesus loves us all the time (even when we get into trouble).  We also talked about our class being a team, and how teamwork got this board decorated.  Each child’s handprints were used, and together, a heart was formed!  Please feel free to stop in and see what your child has been working on!

 As I mentioned at orientation, our author of the month is Norman Bridwell.  I am sure you all know Clifford, the big red dog!  September 18th through 22nd we will be reading numerous Clifford stories and we will be making a Clifford and “writing” our own stories.  Look for these to be hanging in the hallway in the near future!  For the last week of September, our theme will be apples.  Projects, poems, and stories will be apple related.  We will look at the different colors of apples, taste each color and vote on our favorite, and cut an apple open and look at the “star”. 

 The Bible story for this month is “Creation.”  Students will hear the story of creation from a children’s Bible and talk about how God created everything we can touch and see…even us!  Jenny will also be teaching character development lessons on sharing and using good manners this month as well.

         Finally, thank you for sending us your little one!  Each precious child is an individual who brightens our mornings in their own special way!  If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact Jenny or me at any time.

December 5-day Newsletter

    Before our Thanksgiving break, our 5-day students concluded their study of the letter S by “cooking” edible spiders.  Complete with pretzel legs, raisin eyes, and peanut butter centers, these were a delicious SSSSSSSSSnack!       

Wow!  December is here and the Christmas season is upon us.  Between now and our Christmas vacation, we only have 7 enrichment days.  As you probably are aware, we have begun our study of the letter M.  Your child has cut out an M and decorated it with marshmallows, mittens, a monkey, a moon, and some macaroni.  For the next week and a half, we will continue with M.  A mouse puppet, a Santa monkey, M songs and games, and M printing will fill our days.

 Besides our letter study, 5-day students have been working hard on correctly printing their first names (using lowercase letters).  I am thrilled with the progress they have made!  Some students have started learning how to print their last names as well.  We also have added a “days of the week” song to calendar time.

The remaining enrichment days in December (the 12th and 14th) will be set aside for review.  Because we have such a long break over the holidays, I want to spend a few days reviewing all the letters (and sounds) we have covered since school began.  We will revisit C, L, P, T, S, and M.  Review will consist of printing these letters, playing letter bingo, going on letter hunts (which they just love!), and sorting pictures by beginning consonants.   This way, I can introduce a new letter when we come back in January.

Fun! Fun! Fun!  As a special holiday treat, I have arranged for a special guest to come in.  On Tuesday, December 19th, a worker from AC Moore will come to the preschool and help our little ones create a fun holiday project!  To wrap up the week before the Christmas break, we will be “cooking” on Thursday (the 21st).  I am thinking “Rudolph the Reindeer sandwiches”!