A message from the Pastor:

God bless you! Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church & Pre-School! I'm so glad you're taking the time to click around our website, and I hope you find answers to any questions you might have about us. If not, just email us, and we'll do our best to answer them.

Grace is a very marvelous place. I've never served a church with such an interesting age distribution we have all ages here! Weddings and baptisms are common here, but so are wedding anniversaries of 45 and 50, even 60 years! Often, those celebrations are of weddings that happened many years ago, right at the same altar where we worship today! We have members who were baptized in this congregation in the "old building." Just think what that means when our current sanctuary was built in 1956! Of course, this is the middle of New York state,  so have members transplanted from all over NY and the US and the world.

Perhaps the factor which describes Grace's uniqueness best is that we are both small and large. While our membership is nearing 300 and approaching 125 in attendance on a typical weekend, our worship service does not divide us up. What that means is that you don't melt into a faceless crowd, yet we're able to offer the variety of ministries that generally belongs to larger congregations. Our ministry opportunities booklet is 18 pages long. Our Pre-School is also small enough but large enough everyone knows everyone from ages 3 - 5.

Grace feels like home, because it is home! Here we worship the Triune God who created us, who loves us to death, who is actively seeking and drawing us to Himself. We worship together sometimes with fresh music, sometimes traditional music, a diverse group with one purpose, a small group with large goals. We hope you'll come and see for yourself what God is doing among us, and we pray that He will work His miracle of faith in Jesus Christ in your life, too.

So, click around, learn a little about us, and come so that we can get to know each other, face to face!

God bless you!

Pastor Larry Hendricks